a girl in her city, watching the sunset

Halfversary Memoir Pictorial

I drank a lot of coffee on the way to L.A.  On both flights thereto, I was standby, which I didn’t understand.  But it involved a lot of waiting.  (On each flight, I got the very last seat.)   I think I took this picture in Phoenix, on a layover that was longer than I anticipated, having arrived on a flight that was earlier than I thought I was really going to take from Austin.

I had an itinerary of things to do and see in L.A.

Date A way to LA Plan Noah’s  Planz A way to/from LA?
Wed  1/4 X Confirmation:i 5 w a 9 37.20a Austin- Flight 947

8.40a Houston – Flight 244

10.25a land LAX

– Noah A.  collect me and goes  w/me to acquire bus pass  ($20)

Watts Towers -$7 10-4

And CAFAM Free

Me! XTom
Thursday 1/5 Metrolinkone way = $4.25 12-6p Skirball CtrFreeBus: @ 3.19pm

Bradbury Building


Walk to?

5-8p MOCA Free?

Greg Dinner

Mama Tom orMaybe w/UJ
Friday 1/6 Metrolink: $4.25 Sunset is at 16.59OR: Abbot-Kinney 6-10Bus:

?Poss UJ dinner?

Tammy (PM)  X
Saturday 1/7 (If needed:Metrolink= $4.25) Things/stuffFIDM10-4  Tammy  Stay in LA
Sunday 1/8  X Things one may do?LA Public Library 10-5.30?Hang the hell out &dinner Tammy/Pop Stay in LA
Monday 1/9  X Early: Take suitcase to Noah.?Cathedral of our Lady of AngelsElizabeth Work Noah
Tuesday 1/10 w/Noah Bus:LACMAFreeFowler Work w/Noah
Wed 1/11 Ride up w/Noah fetch Gabriel by 10aGetty– pix!Philippe’s $10 Work Back to Noah by 4pDoes Noah wanna hit Happy Hour?
Thurs 1/12 w/Noah 11a HammerFree2p FlyawayShuttle $105p Flight 3640

1120 Land ATX

Work X

Above is only the cursory outline, majoring in where I was going to sleep.    There was things I didn’t do on this itinerary, but there were things I did that weren’t on this list, too.  Like the Grand Central Market

I took this on the first full day I was in LA but I want to backtrack to the first night.

One might recall staying with Tom, and Greg joining us for an inebriated and lengthy together time.

This is Tiomio, and it is with honor that I state he used this photo for a time for his FB.   Totes, dude.  I love Tom in a very special way, because I laugh a lot around him, and he doesn’t seem much be-fluffled by what I say.   Tom let me sleep on his couch.  Because of lucky things, it is the same couch upon which I sit in my own place these days.

This is G.  He is holding the netbook I use when I’m not at home, which I brought with me for travel, when I thought I was on vacation.  I think he’s looking at pix of me in a latex corset, by the way.   Greg and I were together for a while a long time ago, (obviously more than 8 years in the past).  I had taken to calling him at least, but usually more than, twice or three times a year.  (His birthday & St Patrick’s Day for sure.)  I’m really really glad I kept in touch.

The first place I went after landing (directly after landing) was Watts Towers.  Uncle Abduction collected me from the airport and we went.  They were closed.  We took pix from outside the gates.

I love the Watts Towers.  Cajoling Uncle Abduction into taking me directly from the airport was the most effective way to see them, since they’re so far east.  Bussing there would take forever from anywhere I would maybe start.  I planned this.

Plans unravelled pretty fast after that.

Uncle Abduction and I saw the Craft and Folk Art Museum after this, which is closer to where I was going to stay the first few nights – with Tiomio.
I waited at my old haunt, the Starbucks at Fairfax/Olympic.

Traffic is really hard to capture.

I loved how dirty the City was, I remembered how loud.  It was ennervating.  It was glorious.

Then came Thursday and my plans for that day, which went mostly to shit.

I couldn’t take pix at the Hammer.

There was this:

(This will be recalled.  Just, you know, so you know.)  This is me in the bus schedule posted at Fairfax / Wilshire.  I love this corner.

I went down to the Bradbury Building.  I took this pic, which I still like a lot:

These are old stairs.


Friday, 6 January, to which I’ve referred, was a remarkable date for me.

I saw the sunset.  I was on the beach.

Saturday and Sunday are largely unphotographed.

I did get these glorious sights:


And this:

It’s like the City tries to say things.

She still does, six months later.   From recently:

fast frequent fabulous

Happy Halfversary, Los Angeles.

I love you.



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