a girl in her city, watching the sunset

Picture Postcards from the last six weeks or so: L A, I love you.

Eastside sunset from Gold Line 6-11-12 :  I spend a lot of time on the eastside.  this is from the Gold Line between Chinatown and Union Sta sometime nearing sunset, which is gorgeous everywhere.  I don’t always get the pic I think I’m going to when I’m snapping from the train, but I really like this one.

Chinatown sta as seen from Gold Line 6-11-12 : Chinatown is a glorious nook.  There’s a whimsy and an bit of the ethereal that I completely ken when I’m walking there.  I don’t know where I come down on how the station was designed, which has a pretend quality to it, but at the same time, it’s a bit of an homage and not the real mccoy.

Train and Crossing 7-12-12 -near Del Mar Sta : I used to only shoot inanimates and still life in an effort not to compete with someone in my life who averred she wanted to take pix of people (though she did so both infrequently and ineptly).   But from my focus on not-people subjects, I developed a love for the mechanical.

From the bottom of Wilshire-Vermont Metro sta staircase (the ones from platform) :

I walk these stairs most weeknights.  I skipped the the day I wore the wrong shoes, though.  This is Wilshire/Vermont Sta, from the lower platform to the upper.

The following pic (the formatting is fucked up) is from the top-down of the upper platform-to street staircase.  I do that one to0


From top of 2nd staircase (to street) Wilshire/Vermont Metro sta

Bits of paper everywhere 7-21-12  :

So the other day

I see all these bits of paper.  And I don’t understand them, and I start writing a novel in my head about love letters and hope.

What they said – I guess littering is advertising now?

Turns out it’s trash-as-advert.  I picked up the scraps I could and put them in the recycling


Bourne movie billboard except not. 7-19-12 — has been since replaced : I love street art in L A.  This was subsequently removed.


Levitated Mass opening 6-24-12 “When do you see the underneath of a sculpture?” : FFHS and I made it to the unveiling of the Levitated Mass at LACMA.  It was lovely.  I visit a lot.


Guy drawing in pen-and-ink in the starbucks where i burn time saturday morning before errands 6-17-12 :  tried to be surreptitious about this one, so there’s a bunch of my laptop in it, but this fella was there at least three hours drawing.  I appreciated his t-shirt, too

Berlin Wall on Wilshire – 40 ft of wall — largest outside of Deutschland : Did you know?  We have more length of Berlin Wall than anywhere except Germany?  And it’s on Wilshire Blvd?

“Hipster or Idiot?” I asked Ipso. She said, “Both.” It was 87f outside. 28 bus 7-7-12 : Caption mostly says it all.  But really?  Beany and hoodie?  I laugh at you.

Barefooted and buying whiskey at corner store 7-9-12

LA isn’t always what you think from TV.  Some places are very homeish and we go there without things like pretense.  She was doing her laundry across the street and everyone in the store knew her name.  She knew theirs too, but not mine.  : )  She does now.

Boys on the 217 bus 6-18

Not sure if that guy knew I was snapping, but this was really cheerful.

Girls holding hands, Union Sta 6-19-12: It’s hard to get people pix during rush hour, but I loved this.

Fairfax Ave with no traffic 6-16-12 (It was 7am)

Fairfax so rarely has no traffic.  When I’m waiting on this corner for a bus, it’s usually 5-8 mins from when I can see it a block away til it reaches the stop.  That kind of traffic.

Prius Taxi 7-22-12 (Fairfax at San Vicente)
Sheddy’s 6-20 – used as promo:

It was with great honour that I discovered Sheddy used this pic to promo Canada Day (Night).

Sheddy’s let me have a tab, and it’s the kind of place where I can walk in and people say heya, h, how the fuck’s it goin’? and i’m getting to believe they actually care.

Once a pile of blankets. 7-14-12 I got a bed. And I made it! :  I got a place to sleep that isn’t a pile of blankets and my mornings are all the more difficult to greet, because i mostly usually sleep at night.  It’s really nice to have a bed.
G being silly for the Bailey-Cat’s benefit 7-24-12 : This is my friend/neighbour G and he’s dancing at his Bailey Cat.  She’s that smudge in the bottom right corner of the doorway.  And she’s going to go run under his bed right now.

Tiomio (L) and G (R) making dinner 7-24-12

Tiomio and G, grilling.  These fellas are really something amazing.  And I’m so grateful to them both.

me in a dress on a bus with a grin 6-27-12

I’m grinning here.  I’m also wearing a dress that’s a size (M).  How long since I did that?  10 years?

Me at Starbucks at Night 7-27-12

This is a different view of my starbucks.  At night.  Friday.

I got new kicks 7-22-12 They’re really red.
Sunset Santa Monica – from Mariasol’s on the pier 7-15-12 — with G

Of course I saw the sunset this month!

roses peek 7-21-12:  Sweetbest gave me this pot of mini roses.  They wax and wane with no rhythm at all.  But they’re on the wax side starting 7-21

roses bloom 7-27-12

Bloom, 6 days later.

This came across my path on the anniversary of my late Grandmoth’s birthday. 6-25-12 : Lest I ever forget.  My grandmother’s birthdayversary brought me this.  It’s just never ending how true.  I love it and will repeat it, I’m sure.

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2 thoughts on “Picture Postcards from the last six weeks or so: L A, I love you.

  1. It’s difficult to decide what photo I like best but since I didn’t know there was such a large piece of the Berlin Wall in LA, I was most intrigued by this photo. I liked the new kicks. I liked the font used for the Billboard Bandit. I loved seeing the Canadian Flag. I liked the little pieces of paper on the sidewalk and especially the final photo of the inspiring stencil. But so much more!

  2. The Billboard Bandit wasn’t a font– it was spray paint, dude. Graffffiiiiitttttti!

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