a girl in her city, watching the sunset

This was supposed to be 100 things but I think I was super tired and went to sleep before I finished.

  1. I remember most people’s faces.
  2. I can recite whole conversations
  3. I love routines
  4. It takes me 3 tries when I have to renew my password for my fingers to do the new password perfectly
  5. Often, I have no idea what lyrics mean
  6. But I love poetry
  7. I don’t end sentences in prepositions
  8. I don’t sleep til noon.
  9. I don’t mind that you do
  10. I prefer to eat with my hands
  11. I don’t eat  flour, sugar or dairy
  12. I do not stand for entitled drivers, but do not find it hypocritical that I am an entitled pedestrian
  13. I always sit at the back of the bus
  14. Street art sometimes moves me more than what I studied in university
  15. I appreciate physical labor
  16. My vision is pretty bad, but I don’t talk about it.  i have a friend who has talk-aboutable vision issues.  I don’t want to complain about mine so much as just say.
  17.  I’ve never been in a fight
  18. I scrub with coarse sea salt mixed with liquid soap and peppermint oil when I take a bath or a shower
  19. I’m a functional insomniac.  Since before I was born.
  20. I have a twin brother.  He sleeps 10 hours a night.
  21. The two toes that are the piggies who stayed home are missing toenails
  22. I don’t like having long hair
  23. I don’t care if you like long hair.  It doesn’t look right on me.  Grow your own if you like it
  24. I walk more than 5 miles a day, just as a matter of course.  Not because I try extra hard to do that
  25. I drink black coffee
  26. I spend nearly every waking hour online, unless I’m in a museum, or on a date
  27. I am not generally competitive with anyone but myself
  28. I can’t lie with any effectivity
  29. I am good at math, but slow with arithmetic
  30. I diagram sentences people have said when I’m bored in meetings
  31. I diagram those sentences in my head
  32. I prefer doing laundry on Friday or Saturday nights.  It doesn’t take that long, there’s no one there, and when I’m done, I drink wine
  33. I once knew Romanian and German
  34. I have had electroconvulsive therapy
  35. If I worship anything, it is the Pacific Ocean
  36. The first time I wrote a novel,  I finished with 250,000 words.  I wrote it in three weeks.  I was stoned the entire time and it made very little sense
  37. The second time I wrote a novel, I really liked it, but I lost it when I was backing up to a hard drive and the laptop hard drive blew off its spindle and took the external with it.  I didn’t write for a year.
  38. I’ve written a novel in 2nd person
  39. I feel off if I don’t keep my apartment tidy
  40. Or, if I don’t keep my apartment tidy, I feel off
  41. Except I don’t like mopping on Tuesdays
  42. Usually this means I mop on Mondays
  43. My floors aren’t that big
  44. I mop with vinegar
  45. I have no desire to own a car
  46. I intentionally disregard the rules of subject-verb agreement.  Because sometimes the rhythms is better.
  47. I have scaled Half-Dome
  48. I prefer the Eastside, except insofar as the Ocean
  49. I can’t sing for shit
  50. I love music
  51. I always hear something piercingly high pitched, from the left side.
  52. My hands are the same as my grandfather’s
  53. I didn’t see a live concert that wasn’t a symphony or duo cello/piano until I was 34
  54. I feel safe walking at 2am where I live
  55. I like early mornings, but I’m better at night
  56. I have my next 3 tattoos planned
  57. I got my first tattoo when I was 19. I got my second a month later
  58. I love strings of light bulbs
  59. I will not get married again
  60. I love being cut.  Bleeding at the hand of a trusted other is amazingly cathartic
  61. I am immensely grateful for so many people
  62. I cut my own hair
  63. I have huge feet
  64. I have to think about good posture continually or I am a U
  65. I sleep on a pile of blankets that other people have given me
  66. Save for one, my nearest and dearest friends live in other states and countries.
  67. I am unapologetically close to my mother, but she has very little say in what I do
  68. I am impatient for weird things.  Like the end of an episode of a tv show.
  69. I trust busses to be on time
  70. I’m right more often than not on that score
  71. I am unimpressed by ostentatious displays of fortune
  72. I am far more impressed by a winsome smile
  73. I say thank you and good morning every time it’s called-for and I ask people’s names when I see them frequently
  74. There are few things more satisfying to me than my skin feeling stretched by sun and salt and whipped by sand in the wind
  75. I knew I was staying in LA forever on the evening of January 6, 2012 as I waded in the Ocean and watched the sunset
  76. My cigarette of choice is Camel 99s
  77. I am reliably early
  78. If I’m late, there’s probably something  wrong
  79. I don’t wear a watch because I’m allergic to most metal.
  80. I still know what time it is
  81. Once I memorized The Jabberwocky.    I never forgot it.  It was 2nd grade.  I had the most ambitious poem recitation in the whole grade.  I thought I was going to be a famous stage actor
  82. As it turned out, I was a totally un-famous stage manager, because after a while I wasn’t that kid in 2nd grade and I couldn’t really act all that well
  83. In 5th grade, having no idea what the words combined to mean, I memorized Song by John Donne.  I didn’t forget that either
  84. The summer I was 10 years old, I read the Complete Works of William Shakespeare.  See #81
  85. I am supposed to wake up in an hour
  86. A cop stopped me for jaywalking once and instead of giving me a ticket, he made me give up my shoes.
  87. I don’t like pizza
  88. There was a summer I lived in Mexico, building houses
  89. There was a summer I spent cleaning the Union Rescue Mission
  90. These are two of my favorite summers in high school
  91. There is no fucking way I’m going to live in the country ever again
  92. I love big dogs.
  93. I have had orgasms from headaches

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5 thoughts on “This was supposed to be 100 things but I think I was super tired and went to sleep before I finished.

  1. I enjoyed that. Did you mean to pluralize rhythm in #46?

  2. Lylycat on said:

    For #69 did you mean kisses, or did you really mean buses?

  3. I probably meant buses, but I bristle at the spelling exception to this plural so I forcibly do it poorly. Kisses are rarely timed.

  4. #65 isn’t true any more, but it was at time of writing.

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