a girl in her city, watching the sunset

Because fuck you.

Today, the subject of this post (or someone claiming to be him) threatened me unless I removed it.

Apparently, he can distinctly recall the event I posted about more than three years ago.  (He really probably doesn’t, he could barely do more than rearrange my own  recollection.)

And, as he has conducted himself similarly with several women I know personally, I’m inclined to discover what legal remediation may be available to me for his bilious threats.

He was clever enough to include an email address.



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3 thoughts on “Because fuck you.

  1. I had a similar thing happen to me when givena “free massage”. The guy later emailed me an apology that I could have used as evidence for a rape charge. I didn’t pursue it; not sure why.

  2. It is 100% not your fault. Don’t let shame keep you down. You did nothing wrong. Contact RAINN. If you want to talk, let me know.

  3. Also? Why the fuck would I redact that info? Do you seriously mean to imply that I should protect someone who sexually assaulted me? Are you fucking for real?

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